Wednesday, July 30


               Sometimes i feel like i have a lot to say, sometimes little.  I fly fish.  It gives me purpose, it gives me balance, it gives me headaches and hangovers.  Read it, enjoy it...or don't.  From time to time I may have some great tips, techniques, etc .  If you're looking for philosophical life perspective through the eyes of a fly're in the right spot.   For the truly life changing, I'd recommend Ted Leeson, Thomas Mcguaine, Dave Ames, John Gierach, Robert Traver, or any other number of gifted writers.

      Fishing, fly fishing in particular, seems to be more than a hobby or a passion for some people.  It is who they are.  It's an addiction that courses through our veins, controls many a waking thought, and occupies many a night's sleep.  Like most blogs, there is a good chance almost no one will stumble their way to these pages, but on the off chance a few do, i would again like to say welcome.  My grammar will fail me, my words may not be life changing, but hell...neither one of us are fishing right now, so why not?



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