Monday, December 7

My comprehensive fishing report which includes: locations, flies used, and what holes the fish are hiding in!

     I set out yesterday with one thing in mind...nymphing.  I do it a few times a year.  Probably a half-hearted attempt at becoming a more well rounded angler.   Every fall/winter I get to the point where I haven't caught a fish in so long that I'm willing to try anything...anything.  I made it a little longer than normal...about 30 minutes.  After that I tied a weighted streamer to my floating line and finished the afternoon out with exactly zero fish to hand.  On the bright side, it was 46 degrees, which meant most of me was toasty warm.  The downside is that now both feet in my waders leak, as well as the crotch. I should have gotten out of the river a little sooner...there was a painful thawing of toes on the drive home.  At this point, my waders are more aqua seal than anything else, but my wife's newest rebuttal when it comes to shelling out $300-$400 for new ones that I need (not want) is that...if broken down...costs "MORE THAN A DOLLAR A DAY FOR A YEAR...JUST FOR FISHING."  That's a new one on me, so we'll see where I get.

If I could draw your attention to the lack of ice in the guides  Fish or no fish, it was a good day...leaky waders and all.


  1. Llbean waders if they leak you send them back and you get new ones. For life...

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  4. This is an interesting blog so far. Oh by the way, the fishing spot is perfect. I hope to find my perfect location too ;)

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