Monday, August 4

just about right

I like a fire that you can get close to....a little more than arms length.  Not made up of a bunch of sticks but more like 2 logs, still flaming, but barely.  Once a roaring blaze but now reduced to almost 80% coals.  One that can be left to burn all night while I sleep in the tent but still able to be rekindled in the morning with a little newspaper and sticks to make coffee.  If I started the night with a long stick to poke the coals that is now reduced to about 2 feet long, perfect.  If I’m camped on the bank of a river that holds trout...well fuck...what more could I wish for?

Is there old country on the radio...I don't mean ancient, but maybe some late 80's through 90's?  Or maybe some good classic rock?  Skynyrd, Stones, Seger, Petty...Creedence Clear Water Revival...or Revisited...whatever the hell it is now.  Alexi Murdoch?  Two Cellos?  OK, so apparently the music doesn't bloody matter.  Nor does the company really...
 if the kids were there...and by some miracle they were behaving...perfect.  If my wife is there and I haven't started a fight yet...perfect. By myself, a good fishing buddy, my long as I'm not at some state park, face to ass with 1,000 other people "out roughing it", than I guess I'm pretty happy.

Oh yeah, no fire pit or fire ring is a plus too. Certainly not the ones you need a step stool to lean over to get a peak at the flames.

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